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About Us

Step into Belle Journee Spa and immerse yourself in an oasis where your beauty and well-being are our greatest passions. Picture this: you're slipping into that enchanting outfit that effortlessly elevates you to dazzling Bond girl status, even on the most challenging of days. Imagine the allure of a perfectly done smokey eye, radiating confidence and charm that turns heads. That's not just beauty – that's your "best beautiful," and it's our mission to help you embody it each day.

Since our inception in 2013 as a cozy massage sanctuary, Belle Journee Spa has evolved magnificently. In 2018, we expanded our repertoire to include a diverse range of esthetic and aromatherapy services. This expansion was driven by our unwavering belief in excellence and expertise, and our commitment to continuing education, ensuring that each visit transforms you into the finest version of yourself.

At Belle Journee Spa, we don't just offer treatments; we offer transformations. From the luxurious massages that began our story to the comprehensive esthetic services we now proudly provide, every detail is designed to elevate your sense of well-being. We've carefully selected products that not only deliver results but also cater to those with sensitivities, ensuring a soothing, rejuvenating experience.

So, step inside Belle Journee Spa, where every visit is an opportunity to embrace and enhance your unique beauty. Let us pamper you in an environment where elegance and tranquility reign supreme. It's your time to shine, to celebrate your best beautiful – and we're here to make it a reality, one exquisite treatment at a time.

Relaxing Candles


At Belle Journee Spa, we are dedicated to delivering an unparalleled experience of luxury and personalization. Our mission is to provide a bespoke and diverse array of high-end services including massage therapy, facials, and body treatments. We pride ourselves on using meticulously selected, fragrance-sensitive products to ensure the utmost in quality and effectiveness. Each visit is crafted to be not just a treatment, but a transformative experience, where our clients can escape the demands of daily life and immerse themselves in a world of tranquility and indulgence.


Envisioning the future of Belle Journee Spa, we see ourselves as a beacon of wellness and luxury. Our vision is to create a sanctuary where people can find not just beauty treatments, but a holistic journey towards rejuvenation and balance. We aim to redefine the spa experience, merging innovative beauty solutions with serene, soul-enriching retreats. Our commitment to excellence and sensitivity to our clients' needs will be the cornerstone of our growth, as we transform Belle Journee Spa into a destination that embodies the ultimate in relaxation, wellness, and luxury.

Image by Jared Rice
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